IR beacon cat and mouse robots!

Is there a tutorial on how to make the cat and mouse robot using pololu IR beacon?
I read it here in the product description :

“ololu’s new IR beacon (infrared beacon) is an updated version of our original IR beacon. Like the original unit, the devices are transceivers meant to be used in pairs to give robots a simple means for detecting each other. You can use the beacons to build pairs of robots that interact or chase one another, or to make a robot that can identify and return to a home base. For example, you could build a “cat robot” and “mouse robot” that each have an IR beacon, where the cat chases the mouse and the mouse runs away from the cat. The beacons are ideal for autonomous robot contests in which robots compete in pairs, such as MIT’s annual 6.270 autonomous robot design competition, where our original beacons were used for several years.”

Thank you in advance. I really need your help guys.


I don’t know of such a tutorial. There’s not much to the beacon part, though, so if you have a pair of programmable mobile robots, it shouldn’t take much to add the beacons, and if you don’t have a pair of programmable mobile robots, you should work on that, first.

- Jan

ok thank you very much. It’s just that I want to make a robot which tracks a beacon which a user carries and I plan on using Pololu’s IR beacon.
I have to make our papers now and then build it next semester. I was just wondering if a background of the cat and mouse robot is available because it would help a lot.