IO_repeat to same pins

I’m working on a project that uses a pair of Wixels for remote control of another micro board, and I need to ‘io_repeat’ 11 switch positions on the ‘remote’ box wixel to the ‘microboard’ box.

The io_repeater example app uses a link from P0_0 to P2_1 so that both wixels can use the same program. Can I also program one wixel with a -[link_num] on a particular pin, and another wixel with a +[link_num] on the same pin, so that switch position state changes on the ‘input’ wixel will show up as state changes on the same pin on the ‘output’ wixel?

IOW: Can I do the following?

‘input wixel’

int32 CODE param_P0_0_link = -1;
int32 CODE param_P0_1_link = -2 ;
int32 CODE param_P0_2_link = -3;
int32 CODE param_P0_3_link = -4;
int32 CODE param_P0_4_link = -5;
int32 CODE param_P0_5_link = -6;
int32 CODE param_P1_0_link = -7;
int32 CODE param_P1_1_link = -8;
int32 CODE param_P1_2_link = -9;
int32 CODE param_P1_3_link = -10;
int32 CODE param_P1_4_link = -11;
int32 CODE param_P1_5_link = -12;
int32 CODE param_P1_6_link = -13;
int32 CODE param_P1_7_link = -14;
int32 CODE param_P2_1_link = -15; //cal button

‘output wixel’

int32 CODE param_P0_0_link = 1;
int32 CODE param_P0_1_link = 2 ;
int32 CODE param_P0_2_link = 3;
int32 CODE param_P0_3_link = 4;
int32 CODE param_P0_4_link = 5;
int32 CODE param_P0_5_link = 6;
int32 CODE param_P1_0_link = 7;
int32 CODE param_P1_1_link = 8;
int32 CODE param_P1_2_link = 9;
int32 CODE param_P1_3_link = 10;
int32 CODE param_P1_4_link = 11;
int32 CODE param_P1_5_link = 12;
int32 CODE param_P1_6_link = 13;
int32 CODE param_P1_7_link = 14;
int32 CODE param_P2_1_link = 15; //cal button



Yes, what you want to do is possible. The meanings of the parameters for the I/O Repeater app are defined in the Wixel User’s Guide, in the section that documents the I/O repeater app.

Why are you changing the source code of the app? The I/O Repeater app is one of the apps that we provide a precompiled version of, so if all you need to do is set those parameters, you can do that with the Wixel Configuration Utility or with wixelcmd, and it would not require you to install Wixel development software on your computer.



Thanks for confirming how the wixel pin configuration works. Yes, I realize I can do MOST of what I want without modifying the software, but I also want the ‘output’ wixel (the one attached to my CKDevices Mongoose AHRS board) to do some additional processing and I/O based on the ‘forwarded’ I/O information from the ‘input’ wixel (the one in my remote controller box). Besides, getting the wixels to ‘do my bidding’ is a way of learning their capabilities :wink:.