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Interface Moisture sensor with Arduino

I am interfacing the soil moisture sensor with arduino with which I am monitor the the soil moisture readings but after the output of soil moisture I wanted to control the valve controller(control the water flow according to moisture of soil) using 0-10v ADC controller (which sends the signal to my valve controller), I am using 24V AC to DC adapter as external power supply for valve but while running it no change takes place. I am able to find out Analog readings as per coding but there is some issue while connecting to vale controller

Please help to find out the cause will be very helpful


We are not familiar with those components since it sounds like you are not using any of our specific products, but in general, one thing you can do to begin to troubleshoot your system is to simplify your setup to narrow down where the issue could be. For example, since the issue you are having seems to be with the valve control, you can remove your soil moisture sensor from your setup.

Another thing to do is use a multimeter to verify that your I2C DAC is generating analog voltages at the magnitudes that you expect. If you have not already, I also recommend connecting your valve directly to something like an adjustable power supply to see if it runs as you expect.