Interested in SV328, what do I need

Hi all!

Put me up to speed: What do I need to make a complete controller?
I am interested in the Orangutan SV328.
Do I need any form of interface to a PC to program it?
What is the programming language? Is this a Linux box?
I am assuming I need a power supply as well 6-13.5V (car battery) or a simple transformer+bridge rectifier+capacitor.
Does this device have watchdog circuit to get it out of Hang?


How could you have missed this overview?


Jim’s suggestion is a good place to start. You can also find more information in the User’s guide for the Orangutan SV-328, which can be found under the Resources tab on the product page.



A Windows based PC or Laptop
Orangutan SV-328
Pololu USB AVR Programmer
6-9 volts power suply


my personal suggest…

An old 4 version of AVRStudio … AvrStudio418b684
Orangutan Examples Zip file.


You can check your Orangutan SV-328 out of the box directly. It comes with a complete preloaded sample program.

Be sure that you have two COM ports free from 0 to 4. if not, you can have some problems with programmer + STK500 emulation.

Install the Pololu-usb-avr-programmer-win-drivers (pololu-usb-avr-programmer-win-121114.exe at this time). You have a very good instructions in “Resources” tab of the programmer.

Install WinAVR (WinAVR-20100110-install.exe at this time)

Install AVRStudio 4.18 (is old, but works ok and is the less heavy) If you use newer versions, you will get a lot of rubbish files and programs. Dont’t worry about updates… This version uses WinAvr to compile and 20100110 is the newest.

Install libpololu-avr-library (libpololu-avr-130508.exe at this time).

Decompress the Orangutan Examples File

Open AvrStudio 4.18

Browse for a SV-328 project.

Before program anything, click on READ SIGNATURE. You should get something like “The device matches the selected device”.

You can use WinAvr directly via Programmers Notepad, but the “Make” file for Orangutan is a little bit complex.

There are a lot of people obsessed with Arduino… Pololu Orangutan is much better choice for small robots to me.

Enjoy with Orangutan SV-328.