Instead of tape

On the net I found a 1 inch paint roller. Usually a line-follower track is laid out with 3/4 inch black electrical tape. How about using this paint roller and black water based paint for the track. The track is first designed and then made with paint and roller. It should be easily removed, for another design. The material the paint is applied to should be completely non-porous, like a thin acrylic sheet. Any comments please.

Often the outer ring of robot sumo is painted on. If you have a surface which you can get it back off of, then it would indeed make a decent reconfigurable line. Matte or flat black against gloss or semi-gloss white will give the best results, even better than most electrical tape.

There is a toy on the market that follows a line drawn with a dry-erase marker. With a larger line, the same technique can be used for hobby line following.

Thanks for input. Looking at a track, I think many would like to change the current curves and straight aways to something different, not just once but many times. Doing it with tape again is quite a chore. But, I’m not going to get a big machine like is used to lay out auto street lanes! And of course, white lanes doesn’t cut it.

Hello, donde.

A different solution we have used to make reconfigurable tracks is to use electrical tape to lay out different curves, lines, and intersections on square tiles (we used some laminated fiberboard that might be used for dry erase boards). The tiles can be rearranged to form different layouts without having to redo the actual lines every time.

- Kevin