Installing headers or not

Hi to the forum, I am just starting to assembly my Zumo32U4. I am wonder how may install the extra headers at the beginning of the assembly. I am trying to determine should I do it now or later when I would have to probably disassemble the Zumo32u4. If headers are installed I would assume they should be of the female type, since it would be easy to short out the male type of header. Any pro’s or con’s on the above??? Thanks

Hello, JohnB.

It would probably be easier to solder the headers in before fully assembling the Zumo 32U4. It is up to you whether you want to use male or female headers. However, when deciding which type of header to use, you should think about what you want to plug into the header pins and what will be more convenient for you.

- Grant


I fully agree with Grant - it depends on what are you going to connect to your Zumo later.

For first days you don’t need anything besides header to connect front sensor array, LEDs for distance sensors and LCD.

I think that the main challenge with disassembling Zumo 32u4 is with the motors which are soldered via jumper wires to mainboard.
If you plan to disassemble Zumo later, I’d consider leaving longer jumpers to be able to unsolder and solder them back later.

Haven’t done it myself, yet. But I will at some point as I’m going to convert my Zumo 32u4 to micromouse attaching 3 digital distance sensors and 2 analog ones (instead of default distance sensors and line sensors).

First I’ll try if soldering female headers to Zumo board and male ones to development board will allow me to have kind of development shield I could just plug on top of robot. First tests showed that it may be impossible - I’m going to check in more detail when my sensors arrive.

If not - I’d probably stick to soldering male headers to Zumo board.

Have fun with your Zumo! :slight_smile: