Installed Eclipse - can't find gcc SOLVED!

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit OS
downloaded and installed Eclipse Version: Indigo Release, Build id: 20110615-0604
(I seem to have selected Cros GCC - it was the only option)
moved the wixel-sdk folder into the eclipse/workspace folder

downloaded and installed Jave SE development kit 6u26 from here
chose the windows 64bit version at the end of the list

editor works fine
CTRL-B (build all) rattles a bit then the console window says:

**** Build of configuration Debug for project wixel-sdk ****

make all
’Building file: …/libraries/xpage/xpage.c’
'Invoking: Cross GCC Compiler’
gcc -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0 -MMD -MP -MF"libraries/xpage/xpage.d" -MT"libraries/xpage/xpage.d" -o “libraries/xpage/xpage.o” “…/libraries/xpage/xpage.c”
‘gcc’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
make: *** [libraries/xpage/xpage.o] Error 1

**** Build Finished ****

fair cop I couldn’t find gcc either
the “old” wixel make_all.bat still works though (if run outside Eclipse)
if I try and run it from inside Eclipse it says
"*** No targets specified and no makefile found ***"
er - help - er - thanks!

the other question, of course, is what does Eclipse give me?
aside from a pretty dev environment?

and, finally,
where do I find a list of available libraries, functions and “how to drive a wixel” documentation?

Hello, mmcp42.

You seem to have configured Eclipse to automatically generate some kind of Makefile that runs gcc. This is incorrect. You need to configure Eclipse so that it simply uses the Makefile already provided in the wixel-sdk by running “make” in the wixel-sdk folder. We have step-by-step instructions for how to do this in the “Using the Eclipse IDE” section of the Wixel User’s Guide. You may need to delete your Eclipse project, change your workspace location, and try again. Please read the instructions carefully and tell me the number of the first step in that section that does not work for you.

Eclipse gives you a lot of great features for C code editing. Please see the “Advanced Features of Eclipse” subsection in the Wixel User’s Guide.

The list of available libraries, functions and “how to drive a wixel” documentation is here:

You should also consult the “Writing Your Own Wixel App” section of the Wixel User’s Guide to help you get started.


hello David
thanks for your support
I don’t mean to be high maintenance
but there is a steep learning curve


I didn’t uninstall, just deleted the project from the workspace

I can now see where it all went 'orribly wrong

in my defence (yer honour) I was lead astray

  1. Under Project type, select Makefile project > Empty Project.
    clearly says select Makefile project… blah blah blah
    however the default Project type is Executable… blah blah blah

I know RTFM, maybe worth emphasising the point for the next sucker that wanders by!

B) SDK documentation
I found the SDK you refer to
not the most user friendly of places
(I’m fresh from the Arduino sand pit, which is a lot more idiot-friendly!)

ok not one to just bitch about things
I’m putting together a document that lists all the things i wish I’d known before I started
will humbly submit miserable effort before exalted community for ritual scorn in due course

thanks for listening!


You definitely should not feel bad about asking these questions. It’s helpful to get a window into what the learning curve is like and possibly find ways to make it easier for new Wixel users to get up to speed. We appreciate hearing your feedback about what you like and dislike and what parts were stumbling blocks for you (also, thank you for pointing out the bug in our precompiled IORepeater app!).

- Ben

Hello Ben
thanks for the encouragement

I think I finally crested the hill and I am now spending proportionally more time actually working on my project rather than battling the software!

I can’t give away too much as it is for a customer
but the fact that I can do more than just communicate using the wixels is a bit of a bonus!

once i have the go ahead i’ll be happy to share some details