Installation of Amtel Studio 6.2

Hello - I have installed the Amtel studio 6.2,

When I go to install the package for Pololu AVR Development Bundle and the section that allows you to select the installed version of Amtel studio and it does not have an option for 6.2, it only lists up to 6.1. The bundle appears to install but within the studio it has no templates for Pololu.

How can I fix this issue?

Thanks for your help.


Our installer for the Pololu AVR C/C++ AVR Library is intended to be used with Atmel Studio 6.1. The final version of Atmel Studio 6.2 is not available yet; it is still in beta. I recommend using Atmel Studio 6.1 instead of 6.2. You might be able to use the library with Atmel Studio 6.2, but it will be more difficult.

- Grant

Thanks for the reply,

I have uninstalled 6.2 and installed 6.1 and all is working well now.