Inline stepper motor phase current increasing gadget?

Hi guys, first time posting so if this is in the wrong place I apologize.

I have a stepper motor that is used in the y axis of gantry style laser cutter (fabool laser mini). The software they provide has some pretty serious problems and one of them is not commanding enough current to the y axis motors (2 of them). Looks like they are running Allegro A4982 for the stepper driver and there is variable current control on the main board. I can’t get their code to modify the current output to the motors (I asked) so the simplest solution I could think of would be if someone made a inline current multiplier of some kind. i.e., I just unplug the harness from the motor into this “current multiplier” and then plug that back into the y axis motor. The power to the motors would be variable so that one could set the power they desired could be set manually (dial knob control).

Does anyone make something like this? It seems that plenty of people might want to control a large stepper motor with and small cheap stepper controller so heck this might already exist.

Thank you in advance for any help.


We do not know of anything like that and a device like that would likely be a far more complicated than just a higher-power stepper motor driver, which itself is pretty complicated.