Information about control of Actuator LACT2P-12V-20


I need to control the location of the LACT2P actuator with the H bridge (VNH2SP30 MD01B) and with an external controller.
The question is if can I use for this purpose the PID constants from the settings for jrk12V3 controller? If it isn’t good idea, so where can I get the transfer function of the actuator or some another information about it that will help me to build the simulation model and to tune the PID constants?

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The settings for our jrk controllers are fully documented, so you could certainly convert them for use in another system. However, the LACT actuators are very easy to control - they move slowly and do not have a lot of inertia - so it should be very easy for you to work out a good control system from scratch with just a little bit of fine tuning.