Info about linear actuator with potentiometer

I’m writing to you regarding a linear actuator with potentiometer. At this moment I have found this actuator: Glideforce LACT4P-12V-20 (

Unfortunately, I didn’t find some of technical informations that I require, in particular, I need to know some specs of the integrated potentiometer like resolution, linearity, hysteresis and repeatability (I have searched it on websites but none of these infos were present).

Thanks to all


All of the information we have is available on the product pages and in the data sheet. In case you missed it, you can find the datasheet under the resources tab. You could try contacting Concentric directly if you need additional information, but they probably do not have that level of characterization to provide.

By the way, the resolution of the potentiometer signal is probably not a meaningful specification since it is an analog signal, so the resolution would be a function of whatever you are using to read it.



thanks for the informations. I already read the datasheet of the product, but unfortunately I can’t find the info I need about the potentiometer.

I need to know the linearity and the hysteresis of the integrated potentiometer in order to know if the product is enough precise for my application.

As you suggest, I try to contact the producer on their site.

Thank you for your time

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