Increasing range of QTR sensors

I’m using QTR-1RCs for an outdoor line sensing robot. The surface is uneven and the narrow operating range is causing me problems. I think I need sensitivity about .5"-1" away. Can I increase the range of the sensors by adding an infrared LED? What about putting two QTR-1RCs next to each other so the IR beams overlap?

Am I using the wrong sensor all together?

I’m looking for a simple solution; my background is in software and I currently know very little about electronics.


I used an IR LED from a TV remote control and it seemed to detect changes between 1-2.5 inches. Perfect!

So using a brighter IR LED allowed you to increase your QTR sensor range? I’m very glad to hear that worked for you!

- Ben

I’m afraid to oversaturate the sensor so I’m going to add a potentiometer in with the IR emitter so I can vary the power.