Increasing Output Voltage of Step-down Regulators


Is there a way to increase the output voltage of any of your step-down voltage regulators above the standard voltage? In particular, I need a regulator outputting at least 5 amps at 7 volts.



Raising the output voltage is a case-by-case consideration since the upper limit can come from various components. For example, our D24V90F5 and D24V60F5 regulators have 6.3V capacitors on the outputs that would rule out 7V operation. On units where we can reasonably achieve higher voltages, we usually offer them, so if some line of regulators only goes to 5V, it’s usually because we did not have a good solution for a higher voltage. Unfortunately, we do not have anything that can do 7V out at 5A, but it is something we are working on.


OK, thank you Claire!