Inconsistent working of GP2Y0D805Z0F IR Range Sensor

I want to design a robot. It requires eight GP2Y0D805Z0F IR Range Sensor .So i bought eight GP2Y0D805Z0F IR Range Sensor from your store. when i connect(VCC & GND) of more than one sensor to a single 5V battery it does not work proper.But i connect(VCC & GND) only one sensor to a single 5V battery it works good.So it is not posible for me to use eight battery’s to power eight sensor’s.Then how i connect(VCC & GND) of eight sensor to a single 5V battery.


I am sorry you are having trouble using all of those Sharp sensors in your system. Those sensors draw power in bursts, and it sounds like your 5V supply cannot provide enough current to power multiple sensors simultaneously. You might try adding a 10uF capacitor across VIN and GND near each sensor. This helps compensate for the power supply, and typically restores functionality. However, if that is not enough for your system, you should try using a power supply that can handle more current.


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which type of 10uF capacitor can i use? Because in store they sell three varieties of capacitor: Ceramic, Electrolytic, Tantalum.

Even after connecting 10uf capacitor, the sensor not works. Then what is the solution?

Like I mentioned in my initial post, I suspect the issue is primarily that your supply cannot provide enough current. How much current can your 5V supply provide? If you do not know, can you provide a link to its datasheet or a product page for it?

Also, if you post pictures that clearly show your setup and connections (including the capacitors you added), I can check to see if anything else might be an issue.