Include USB in existing TTL serial Tic825 software (Ansi C)

a couple of years ago I implemented into my test software the communication to a Tic825 via TTL serial ports using the API which works fine. Now the request came up to me to connect the controller directly to the micro USB port.
I searched the github and found the library collection. However, I’m still struggling in finding all the external header files which are referenced in the C code to compile/link my project.
Is there anyone out there in the wild who has a small Windows project containing all the necessary .c/.h files as a package?

Any help is highly appreciated;-)

Thanx and Regards


The Tic does not have a USB virtual serial port. So, if you need to use the USB connection directly (e.g. using a USB-to-TTL serial adapter is not practical for your application), you would need to use the native USB interface. There are multiple ways you could go about doing that, but I recommend starting by reading through the “Writing PC software to control the Tic” section of the Tic user’s guide. As described here, we provide a C library called libpololu-tic that you can compile and use. Another option might be using the Tic Command-line Utility (ticcmd).