Improved moving state in the Maestro


Just a small suggestion for your upcoming servo controllers (and hopefully for the next revision of the Micro Maestro firmware): could you modify the Get Moving State command to return information on which servo is moving and which is not ?
Knowing that at least one is moving is great, but if for example you have a servo doing a perpetual back and forth, the information on the other ones is lost and you can no longer have movements that starts just after the target is reached on any of them.

Sure, I could just query the position of a servo continuously and start a new movement when the position has reached the last target, but it does not seem very efficient.

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Thanks for the suggestion! By the way, one other thing you could do for now is check whether the position changes at all over a time of longer than 10ms. Something like

0 get_position 11 delay 0 get_position minus if ... end

should work if you can afford to delay that long.

EDIT: I just realized that you were referring to a serial command, not a script command. You could use the same strategy with an external processor, of course.