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iMAX B6AC v2 charger plugs

Hello, I recently bought the charger named above and this is the first time I have tried to use it since. I have noticed that the plugs that come with it have terminals that are the wrong way around and therefore the female and the male ends will not connect. I am just wondering if anyone else had this issue with the product and if there is something that I am missing?

Thank you,

Hello, Isabelle.

Can you post some pictures of those connections so we can see the problem?


It’s difficult to see but the 2 metal pieces collide from each lead. I believe one of them should be flipped

and this is my set-up.

Thank you,

I checked the connections on the cables for an iMAX here and they match what I see from your pictures, so they are correctly oriented. The metal pins should insert into the socket shown in your picture to the right and above. For a new connectors it might take a bit of pressure.


To clarify, the thick contact plates in the connectors should slide past each other, and the curved strips should act as springs to apply sideways pressure and make sure the contacts are pressed against each other tightly. You might have to use a fair amount of force to compress the springs enough to go in initially.


Thank you to both of you! Your clarification/answer solved the issue :+1: