IMAX B6AC v2 Battery Charger that I bought from you

This is about the IMAX B6AC v2 Battery Charger that I bought from you a while ago.
When I try to use it, it gives an error message saying:


The battery connection is wrong.

I don’t what to do next…
Please help if you can.

Steve Law

Hi, Steve.

Can you tell me specifically what you are trying to do with the battery charger, including what kind of battery you are using? Could you also send a picture of your current setup?


First of all I want to thank for getting back to me.
I don’t have the ability to send a picture.

I am using a 5 cell AAA battery pack.

It has worked before. I don’t know if this was something I caused not, or if I just broke it. I haven’t used it in quite a while.

Are they NiMH cells or something else? Can you measure the pack voltage with a multimeter and let me know what you get for that?


The pack voltage is at this time is 4.67V
and they are NiMH cells.

Do you have any other rechargeable batteries that you could try with the charger? Otherwise, I would really need some pictures of how things are connected in order to be able to help you troubleshoot this further. Could you just take some with your phone and upload them to the forum?


#1: I don’t have a cell phone.
#2: I am getting help from a local electronics guru and if I can’t get help from him, I will have to start over.

I will let you know about any progress that we have.