I'm looking for any documentation I can find on the bluetooth module of XYZrobot 6 DOF Robotic Arm

I’m reprogramming the XYZrobot 6 DOF Robotic Arm starting from the firmware on their support website

The robot comes with a bluetooth module, and the firmware uses it to communicate with an ios app made by XYZ Printing company, which as far as I know is non open source. I’ve found no docs so far on that bluetooth module, and looking at the firmware, there’s a lot of uncommented bitshifing magic number nonsense going on.

I’d like to use it to communicate with an android app.
Does anyone know what that bluetooth module is called? did XYZ printing design it or buy it from somewhere else?


Unfortunately, we do not have any additional documentation on the Bluetooth module used on the XYZrobot products. If it helps, it looks like the etching on the chip identifies it as a “Raytac MDBT40”.