I'm learning!

Hi, So i have got a bit further using my new orangutan mega8. Couple of questions, first slight out of interest. If i swap the mega8 for a mega168 is the coding the same?
Second and main question is, I have an old cell phone that is pay as you go. Can i connect it to the serial port (that i would have attached to my mega8 pins) and when a sensor reads a certain value the phone sends an sms message? Is this difficult, has anyone done something like this? Am i out of the mega8’s depth?



If you change the mega8 for a mega168, the C code that worked for the former should also work for the latter. For example, I believe the same Orangutan-lib code that works for the mega8 Orangutan also works for the mega168 Orangutan.

Unfortunately I don’t know what would be involved in telling a phone to send an sms message, so I can’t answer your question. If the interface with the phone isn’t too complicated, you should be able to control it with a microcontroller, though you might not be able to do it with the serial port.

- Ben