I'm having trouble with VNH5019 motor driver shield

I have a problem with my motor driver shield the VNH5019 and I need to fix it fast because I’m in the middle of a project .
The led light doesn’t turn on as in the motor power doesn’t turn on meanwhile the Arduino is on.
Can anyone please help me?


I am sorry you are having trouble with your VNH5019 motor driver shield. Can you provide more details about your setup? How are you powering your devices? What type of motors are you using? Can you post pictures of your setup showing all of your connections as well as some close-up pictures of both sides of your VNH5019 shield? Are you running one of the examples in our Arduino library for the dual VNH5019 shield? If not, can you try running the Demo example and see if that changes anything?

- Amanda

Hi Amanda.
I’m making a Bluetooth controlled robot that only involves 3 things. A Bluetooth module, an Arduino UNO and a vnh5019 motor driver shield.
The motors I’m using are DC motors.
I’m powering it with the arduino DC input with a 12Volt battery pack.
The blue tooth module is being powered like the one in the picture

I’ll try using the demo example.
I will send you a picture of the VNH5019 soon.

  • Noah

Hi, Noah.

It sounds like the Bluetooth module is already connected to your Arduino Uno along with the motor driver shield. I recommend focusing on getting the motor driver shield to work first before adding on more devices like your Bluetooth module. If you haven’t already done so, can you remove the Bluetooth module and run the demo example on your Arduino Uno with the shield connected? Please let me know the results and post pictures.

By the way, since you are powering the Bluetooth device from the Arduino Uno, you should double check to see if the Arduino Uno can source enough current for your Bluetooth module.

- Amanda


Sorry for not giving you pictures yet.
I checked if there is enough power and there is.

Sorry Amanda for not writing my internet wasn’t working.

No need to apologize; it’s no problem. We can continue troubleshooting when you are able to post pictures of your setup.

- Amanda