IIT Bombay's International Robotics Competition

This is an invitation for SURVIVOR . The International Challenge, a part
of TECHFEST 2005.

Techfest is the science and technology festival of Indian Institute of
Technology, Bombay. The annual fest held in January has the clear-cut
distinction of being the largest fest of its kind in the entirety of Asia.
Having gone international from 2004, it now strives to be reckoned among
the best in the world.
Techfest invites participants from all over the world to compete in
SURVIVOR, an ultimate robotics competition.

The problem statement involves making a robot which goes up an incline to
a platform 1 meter high. The machine then has to jump down from the
platform and play a strategy game based on points. Then the machine has to
complete an autonomous stage involving some line following.

All this is not without any rewards.

  • USD 2500 as prize money for SURVIVOR.
  • Return airfare for two members of few select teams from outside

India who qualify for the event.

There are loads more to participate, explore and win at Techfest 2005.For
more information on SURVIVOR and detailed problem statement, visit
techfest.org/survivor.html. For detailed information package and other
queries mail to survivor@techfest.org.

In order to reach the maximum students, we would like you to circulate
this news in your institute. Kindly reply to this mail with your postal
contact so that we can send a detailed information package to your

Awaiting your positive response,

Rahul Singh
Manager, Techfest 2005
IIT Bombay
Mumbai, India
Phone:- +91-98202 54064

T e c h f e s t 2 0 0 5
28 Jan - 30 Jan

Technology for All

Address : Students’ Gymkhana
IIT Bombay, Powai
Mumbai- 400076, India
Phone : +91 22 2576 4045/ 8948
Fax : +91 22 2572 3480
URL : techfest.org


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