I wish to switch on and off led strips in sequence

i have a large area of undercover decking that I would ike to place a control system for up to 48 half meter ws2812 strips. I want to use a remote control if possible or even just a 6 or 12ch maestro to simply switch individual strips on or off… already I can see that using a 12ch maestro would suffice and all i would need to do is make a program for it to loop in, but I am wondering if there is a way to make this operate by remote control…


The Maestro is not a practical choice for controlling WS2812 LED strips (due to the LED strip’s tight timing protocols and significant overhead it would take).

Those LED strips are designed to be chained together, so you can control them all from a single signal pin using something like an Arduino or one of our Arduino-compatible A-Star controllers using our RGB LED strip Arduino library.

There are probably many ways you could go about making a system like that remote controlled. For example, you could use an IR receiver to read the signals from an IR remote. Alternatively, Adafruit makes some simple RF receivers that you could use to read signals from an RF keyfob remote.