I want to change the engines of 3pi

3pi I want to use a robot to look inside a maze after removing an obstacle. But I need more powerful engines. Until other types of supports me 3pi?


We do not generally recommend changing the motors of the 3pi, but it is possible. Please note that the motor driver on the 3pi can only handle 1A continuous current draw per channel. This means only motors with stall currents lower than than 1 A at 9.3 V (Vboost) will be good choices. In addition to this electrical constraint, the motor brackets and 3pi design limit your motor form-factor. This means you are limited to our lower-power micro metal gearmotors. With these gearmotors you cannot get more powerful motors, however, by changing to a motor with a different gear ratio you can make tradeoffs between torque and speed. With higher-gear-ratio motors, you will get more torque but the 3pi will be slower. If you go this route, be sure to calculate how much torque you need so you can choose the right gear ratio from our wide selection.

- Ryan