I/O on Orangutan

OK, so here’s my IO situation on my Orangutan…

Force Sensing Resistor:

I need to connect 3 LED’s, and an CdS photo-resistor as outputs (except the resistor it’s an input :slight_smile: ) to make my color sensor, and the only ports left are:

Can I use any of the first 5 as outputs? and is ADC7 tied to the trimmer, and if it is can I use it anyway?

The way I see it, I can use PC4, PC5 and PD1 for the LED’s and ADC7 as the sensor input, but I’m not sure what I have to do to make that work…

Thanks in advance :smiley:


ADC6 and ADC7 are dedicated analog inputs. All of the other pins (aside from PC6, which is the reset line) can be used as digital I/O lines, and PC0 - PC5 can also serve as analog inputs (channels 0 - 5, respectively).

If your photoresistor is outputing an analog voltage that you need to detect, I suggest you connect it to either PC4 or PC5, as ADC7 is connected to the trimpot and this will interfere with your readings. Reading analog voltages on pins PC0 - PC5 is the same as reading on ADC6 and ADC7 (just specify the appropriate analog channel). If you really want to use ADC7, I’d suggest you cut the trace between the potentiometer and the ADC7 line, but this will pretty much permanently disable the potentiomenter on your Orangutan.

- Ben

Sorry about the long wait time, but I must have missed the email.

So if I use PC4 as photoresistor input, then can I use PC5, PD1, and PB6 for LED output? If not, what could I use to control the leds?

Yes, any of the free digital I/O pins can be used to drive LEDs.

- Ben

Sweet, thanks.