I need Help

Hi guys i have a Pololu Zumo with an Arduino Leonardo and the LinefollowerExample doesnt work:

F:Users\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Zumo32U4\examples\LineFollower\LineFollower.ino:50:57: warning: narrowing conversion of ‘255’ from ‘int’ to ‘const char’ inside { } [-Wnarrowing]

const char barChars[] = {’ ', 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 255};

it doesnt move or do anything so i was wondering if i have to solder something to activate all 6 sensors of thqtr-sensor Array or if i hav to Change the Jumper Settings.

Thanks for your Reply :smiley:


I moved your post to the “3pi, m3pi, and Zumo robots” subforum, which is more appropriate.

We have two versions of the Zumo robot: the Zumo Robot for Arduino or the Zumo 32U4 Robot. From your description, it sounds like you might have the Zumo Robot for Arduino. If so, then you are using the wrong library and examples (it looks like you are using the Arduino library for the Zumo 32U4 based on the file path in the error message). You should be using the Zumo-shield library.

- Amanda