I need help with the connection

I’ve connected a motor to my Pololu <12 channel> but I’m unable to rotate the motor. I’m able to see that Pololu is detected by the provided software.
The Pololu is connected to a power source using a USB cable which is connected to the wall (As you can see in the picture I’ve only connected the the green and red).

I bought the 12 channel Pololu from amazon. I downloaded the Pololu program and installed on my computer. I took usb cable with 4 wire and connect to Pololu the green and the red wire. And I connect a few motor to Pololu . I open the program to try to move the motor I see the program identified the Pololu at the bord but nothing happened when I want to return the motor in the program. What I have to do?



Can you try removing all connections except the USB cable and see if you get any indications of life (e.g. any LEDs blinking or on)? If you do get some indication of life, can you post a screen capture of your device manager with the “Ports LPT& COM)” expanded?


My experience is “not enough current” when using usb wall plug to run several servos. I used mini maestro to run a home made robotic arm. It has a electromagnetic head to move steel balls. To get enough current, I have to add a MOSFET.imagehttps://forum.pololu.com/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8882b168bb6801af8f5e2fdf9db867876ca43e93.MOV