I need help for building a robot

Best Regard
I am interested in building a picker robot for which we need the " Dagu Wild Thumper 6WD chassis " and a robotic arm with a gripper of approximately 11 cm fully stretched what possibility is there for the arm ? An arm with the same structure as the AL5D but with the gripper of the above size? All this so that I am interested in that you provide me the components to the city of Pasto Colombia , seriously interested in shipping costs and products , pending Answer thank you very much .


We do not carry any grippers for the Wild Thumper chassis. The manufacturer of the Wild Thumper, Dagu, does carry a version of the Wild Thumper with a gripper that you might look into. They also carry a few gripper assemblies separately.

As far as our shipping costs, you can see an estimate by adding the items you are interested in to your cart and selecting the “Estimate shipping…” option. Please note that this estimate does not include any customs fees that might apply. More information about our ordering and shipping can be found under the “Ordering” tab of our website. You might also check to see if any of our distributors near you carry the items you are interested in.