I Need Help Because I'm No Engineer

I’m trying to find someone to work with me to build what I think is a simple robot.

I’m a badminton coach here in Las Vegas and have seen some badminton shuttle launcher robots on the internet built using Arduino controls and high torque motors. Looks like the parts sold by Pololu.

Any help would be much appreciated to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance


You might try to use the examples you found as a basis for where to start your own robot, and you might also try reaching out to the creators of those examples to see if they can offer you any information. It is difficult to offer much more help than that because your question is quite broad. If you have more specific questions it might be easier for more people to offer advice.


Thanks for the reply. As I said, I’m not a engineer or someone who is going to build a robot. The examples I have seen are from non English speaking countries and therefore the communication is difficult. I have reached out to several of the examples I have seen and had no reply. That’s why I was posting on this forum because it appears people who build these sort of things purchase from you and hang out on this forum.

Perhaps you could point me in the direction of some makers in Las Vegas who might be interested in discussing this project with me.

Many thanks

You might try going to Synshop and seeing if someone where there might be willing to help you. You might also try LVBots, but LVBots will not be meeting for the first few month of 2019 because its meeting place at Pololu will be under going renovations.