I need a battery recommendation please

Hi. I just figured out that 1 9v battery doesn’t work for more than 1 motor at a time, before I saw the sticky forum post saying the exact same thing.

I am building a sumobot. I have a couple of these pololu.com/catalog/product/1124 connected to my Baby O controller.

I plan on upgrading the motors on it (To the swappable ones yo sell) and I want to get max power to them, without blowing the board of course.

Can you please recommend something for this? I read a previous post where you listed a number of options including nimh packs you sell. Can you recommed the ideal for my scenario please?


Hello, Anthony,

The “ideal” for your scenario really depends on what you are looking for. A couple things to think about are the voltage you want to run your motors at, the capacity (running time) you need, and any size or weight limits you might have.

With those things in mind, you can look at our selection of NiMH batteries and battery packs to find something that works for you; or, if you want some different options, you can try looking for other types of batteries such as those used in RC vehicles, which you might find at a local hobby store or a site like HobbyKing.

(Note that the reason a 9 V battery is generally unsuitable for powering motors is simply that it cannot provide much current. In your case, it might have provided enough current to run one of your motors somewhat adequately, but not two. However, there is nothing that inherently limits a 9 V battery to driving just one motor, nor is there any kind of assurance that a 9 V battery can drive any one particular motor.)

- Kevin