I have problem with IR-sensor on my 3pi

I am Russian, therefore i could be wrong in English. I hope you can understand me and help me.

I casually spoiled the IR-sensor on my 3Pi (U4-U8 on this schematic: pololu.com/file/0J122/3pi-quick-start.pdf) :cry:
To date all sensors do not work and i need to replace this sensor, but it have no marking on his body.
What is a IR-sensors on 3Pi ? Is it TCNT2000 from Vishay? (compel.ru/datapdf/vishay/pn/ … 56e388.pdf)


I am sorry that you damaged your 3pi robot’s line sensors. The VISHAY sensor you linked to should work fine as a replacement for your damaged 3pi line sensors. I hope your repairs go well!