I²C to BlueTooch (HC-05) via Serial Port Protocal

Hi All

I am trying to send IMU data (Minimu-9) connected to I²C pins, via a Bluetooth module (HC-05), wired pins RX (PD0) to TX (hc-05 TX) and TX(PD1) to RX(hc-05) on the A-Star Micro.
Do I need to add any special instruction/modification to the AHRS code (I2C or OUTPUT tab) in order to transmit the IMU data via BlueTooth to a PC ? And if so, kindly give me some pointer.

Regards and thanks.


It sounds like you want the A-Star to send its serial output to your Bluetooth module instead of to a computer connected through USB. If so, you can simply modify the AHRS sketch to use Serial1 (the TTL serial port) instead of Serial (the USB serial port).