I bought 38 kHz proximity sensor but I don't know how to code it

Hi, I have a proximity sensor and I want to programming this.
(Sorry I speak a little English.) Please tell me how to code. Or send a sample project link

I am using an Arduino UNO and IDE for this project.

The working principle is like any other 38Khz IR transmitter and receiver pair. If you follow the examples here you’ll get some idea. Slight modifications can be needed depending on the output of your sensor. Otherwise, the basic program will be same: IR Communication - learn.sparkfun.com


If you just want to use that sensor as a proximity sensor, then all you need to do is read the digital OUT pin. A high signal indicates that the sensor is not detecting anything; a low signal indicates that it is detecting something. You could look at Arduino’s DigitalInputPullup example program (which is built-into the Arduino IDE) for reference on how to read that type of signal.

If your goal is to use the sensor as part of an IR remote setup, then the resource that rpiloverbd linked to will probably be useful. Please keep in mind that if you want to use our sensor as a receiver, then you will probably want to disable the IR emitter to avoid interference from it by setting the ENABLE pin on the board low.

- Patrick