I am a noob and would build an Boat! Help programming

Hello, this is my first post an sorry for my bad english. I´m from germany.
My new project is to build an big RC Boat with an integrated ROV. For this project i get an pololu maestro 12 Channel Servo Controller and an old laptop.
The Laptop and Servocard comes in the boat an i would control all over wifi with an another laptop. Iam a noob with programming and i dont know how to use the servo controlling in a easy way. The Control center from maestro isn’t good for this project an the autohotkey function too. The best way is with a joystick and keyboard over rdp or else.
The laptop streams the video upto 2-4 cams. the pololu card controls the boat and ROV. Can anyone help me??
Ive read that the serial communication is easier… The notebook has an com port. Can i connect the pins on the pololu to the com port an control it with a programm or joystick???
thanks for your help…


It is certainly possible to control a Maestro from your laptop using a joystick, but we do not provide any software that does it so it might require writing your own code.

You should take a look at the RoboRealm software, because it does support both joysticks and Maestros so something might be possible there. We did not create RoboRealm and we cannot support it, but here are some links that might be useful for you:



Also, take a look at Joystick controlled servos under Windows 7 in perl