Hypothetical Robot

Hello, I’m new to this forum and robotics, I’m still trying to get the concept of how to build a robot. This is a very newbie question, with that said: from my research I concluded that there are control boards for:
Brushless dc motors
Brushed dc motors
Lineral actuators
Vibrating motors
And stepper motors

If my robot had 6 of EACH motors (servos, lineral, vibrating etc…) and the whole thing was connected to my pc via ONE usb port, what would my setup be like? Would I have a single control board that splits up into different controller boards for each motor type?


If you really want to limit yourself to one USB connection, you would probably need some kind of general-purpose microcontroller with a USB interface, such as a Wixel, Arduino, or mbed. That microcontroller would communicate with your PC and relay signals or serial commands to the various motion control modules.

However, in some cases, it might be easier to use controllers that each have their own USB interfaces and connect them directly to the computer. For example, our Maestro servo controllers and Simple Motor Controllers both support USB.

- Kevin

I have no help for you, sorry but I had to comment on your post.

I am pretty sick and out of it. I read your post as Hypocritical Robot. The funny thing is that it didn’t seem odd to me at the time I read it. The words hypocritical robot kept popping into my head and I wasn’t sure why until it clicked and I thought, wait a minute what the heck is a hypocritical robot.

Anyway I was puzzled for a few minutes until I found your post again. Then I was disappointed because a hypocritical robot would be an awesome thing to see.