How would I get the moment of inertia out of these motor specs?

Hi, I’m working on a senior design engineering project and I’m trying to figure out the moment of inertia of this motor. I was told that the inertial load would be inversely proportional to the gear ratio, but there are no specs given for the moment of inertia of this product. Does anyone know how to go about calculating this for use in my project? Thanks.


Unfortunately, that is not a specification we provide for our motors, and I don’t think it’s very easy to determine. I looked around a little bit and found a few suggested techniques you might try.

Alternatively, our motors have a common form factor, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the moments of inertia are similar for motors of similar size. Perhaps you can just find a datasheet for a similar motor that lists the moment of inertia and use that as a reasonable estimate for ours?


Thank you!

We cant even find the similar motor.
Kindly, find the similar motors for us. It would be a great help. We are in serious trouble.

It looks like the link in my earlier post no longer works. Here is a link to a newer document that might be helpful in determining the moment of inertia: