How to use wixel pair without arduino uno r3

Please help me !

i have got a Zumo Robot Kit and wixel shield for arduino and wixel pair + usb cable .
how can i use wixel without arduino uno r3.
which pins are connetting from wixel shield for arduino to Zumo Robot Kit.

i send a bytes form computer to wixel and i use digital output on the otherside wixel then i drive robot. this is my process.


There shouldn’t be any reason you couldn’t control a Zumo with a Wixel directly without using an Arduino, but the Zumo Shield and Wixel Shield are not designed to allow you to do this. The boards don’t fit together physically without extending the header pins, and even if you did that, you would still need to figure out an appropriate way to wire the Wixel to interface with all the peripherals on the Zumo Shield, and you would have to write a custom program for the Wixel. If you want to control a Zumo wirelessly, I recommend using an Arduino as the main controller and connecting a Wixel to allow it to receive serial commands wirelessly.


hi jonathan

can you give me your mail adrress ? For this problem to solve with together. If you give me your mail adrress , we easily talk about this problem.
i cant joint Wixel shield and ardunio which physical is not possible.

Please help me immedialty because this project is my master project. i’m so confused.

I do not think communicating over email would help much. We generally do not respond any quicker over email than over the forum. Also, keeping the discussion on the forum might help people who have a similar question, and it allows other members of the community a chance to jump in and help.

I am not sure I understand what you mean when you say "“i cant joint Wixel shield and ardunio”. In your first post, you mentioned you did not want to use the Arduino Uno. Can you explain in detail how exactly you want to connect your Wixel shield and the Zumo?


Hello Jonathan,

I’m interested in learning more about the setup you started describing. I was under the impression I’d be able to use a Wixel shield along with an Arduino Uno and the Zumo Shield, but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible.

Can I connect the Arduino to the Zumo shield and use the Arduino’s USB connection to connect to the Wixel? I’d like to be able to send commands from a laptop with a Wixel to the Zumo.



Hello, Albert.

You cannot connect the Wixel to an Arduino through USB. You should use the devices’ serial interfaces to connect them.


Hi Jon,

Do I just need to connect P1_6 and P1_7 in the pinout on the Wixel (

Are there any examples or docs you are aware of? Thanks!


Hi, Albert.

In general, you will want to connect the Wixel’s TX line to the microcontroller’s RX line, and the microcontroller’s TX line to the Wixel’s RX line. However, since the Arduino Uno runs at 5V, you will need to add extra components to ensure that your Arduino Uno does not drive the Wixel’s RX line higher than 3.3V. The picture below shows a simple voltage divider for connecting a 5V microcontroller to the Wixel.

You can find more information in the “Connecting a Microcontroller via TTL Serial” section of the Wixel User’s Guide.

- Jeremy

Thanks very much, Jeremy and Jonathan!