How to use the D24V5Fx SHDN

I’m using a D24V5Fx in a project with a raspberry pi. I want to use the SHDN function of the regulator in a low power state.

I have the project otherwise working, but I’m simply not sure what “The SHDN pin can be driven low (under 0.4 V) to turn off the output and put the board into a low-power state.” involves. Right now the pin is floating so its simply just on. Can I connect this pin to one of the Rpi GPIO pins and turn that GPIO pin on/off to sleep/wake the regulator?

Thank you for your assistance.


You should be able to program the state of the GPIO pins to be either logical high or low. To shutdown the regulator you can drive the GPIO pin connected to the SHDN pin low. Then to use the regulator again you would set the GPIO pin high. The command you use for that will depend on the programming language you are using.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I thought that would work, but wanted to verify before I did something (else) stupid.