How to Use 3PI Robot!


I am new to 3PI robot and I just got it in today but I am having issues getting it to code anything. I have downloaded the AVR C/C++ library to my computer. I have also downloaded the atmel studio 6.2 as suggested by someone. I pop in 4 AAA batteries into it and I get the demo program. Then I want to test some code so the ‘examples’ in the avr/pololu library and navigate to the atmel 328p folder and I try to open the .atsln file, the c file, and other files associated with the Atmel program to test some code and I get problems (see attached). The error states that the device ‘atmel 328p’ is not supported. It also says that the command to execute is not enabled. I am not clear why this is wrong. The 3Pi robot I thought was using the atmel 328p microprocessor.

Can someone please help what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, Iawia.

It sounds like you might not have set up your programmer yet. Could you try following the instructions in “Programming in Windows with Atmel Studio 6” section of the AVR Programming Quick Start Guide? If that does not work, can you tell me what operating system you are using?

- Amanda

Yes I installed the avr first instead of the atmel studio. Now the devices are registered with the application. Thx.