How to trigger movement with Polulu micro servo controller

Hi, i just found this product over the internet and ordered 2 from robotshop france.(in case of a magic smoke appears…) It due to arrive in one week. Meanwhile i will try to figure out how to control, trigger this device. I’m a novice in this field but have some skills in rc controlling an computers.
What i figured that a set of servo movements can be programmed via the soft and USB to the MSC (microservocontroller) and after that it will perform those pre programmed sequences when triggered. I probably can figure out the programming but i did not find an answer how can i trigger to start the sequence. I saw how to attach a switch to one of the ports, but for what i need would be more practical if i could trigger it via Rx channel (I want to “animatrone” a 1/6 scale figure in a RC armored vehicle) Definetly i could actuate a switch with one servo but it might that the MSC knows to listen to one rc cannel. (the one from the RX) My other question would be that if only one sequence could be programmed simultaneiously ? So i could trigger different actions with different triggers. Hopefully someone could understand what i would like and help me out with the answers.


Can you please be specific about which Pololu servo controller you bought? The best way to clear this up would be with a link to the product page on Robotshop’s site.