How to start Maestro Servo controller via RC receiver


I ordered a 12 channel maestro servo receiver and all works great with the USB cable.
I was able to send the script to the controller. If I give power to the VIN, the servos begin to run.

No I use it for a pilot in a RC helicopter. I thought I can start the controller via the receiver in the helicopter.

I did not find an answer in the forum, I found something to make it with a special switch, but am not sure how to conect to the maestro controller. Is it possible to connect the receiver directly with the controller?

Many thanks for your help


Hello, has nobody tried to run the maestro servo controller directly via the receiver output?
What other parts I need to start the maestro via my RC receiver?

Many thanks for an answer



Can you be more specific about what you’re trying to do? What do you mean by “start the maestro”? RC hobby servos are designed to work directly with an RC receiver, so it’s not clear what function the Maestro is serving in your system.

- Ben

Hello Ben

I have stored a script to the maestro controller. He controls 8 servos in a pilot figure torso.

Now the figure sits in an RC helicopter. I want to start the pilot moving with head and hands, for example that he look s to the people during flying in front of them.

So I have to start the stored movings during the flight, means I have to give the start signal via my radio conrol to the receiver. Now I don’t know how I can start the movements with my RC signal from the receiver.

Do I need a special switch that goes out of the receiver and gives the signal to the controller, or can I send direct a signal from the receiver to the controller to start the movements.

If yes, do you have such a switch and which contacts do I have to use in the controller for that.

sorry my bad english, I try my best :wink:



Thanks for the clarification, Mat. The Maestro does not have inputs capable of reading RC servo pulses, so you will need something between the Maestro and your RC receiver. I think the easiest solution might be to use our RC switch to convert the RC receiver channel output into a digital signal based on the channel value.

- Ben

Hi Ben

Thanks a lot, this is what I was looking for!