How to smoothly transition servos to start position?

Hi, I’m a Maestro newbie who just built this miniature 1/6 scale diorama depicting the Battle of Mogadishu, aka Black Hawk Down. If the animation is turned off in the middle of a sequence, restarting it will violently jerk all servos into start positions at maximum speed. This can potentially damage the mechanics.

Is there a way to tell it to do it gently, in say 2 seconds?

Thanks in advance.

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Wow! Thank you for sharing the video of your project with us!

Unfortunately, there is not a good way to slow down your servos during the first movement after startup. There is more information about why in the last FAQ on the Maestro product pages. In short, the Maestro needs to know what position the servo is in to apply a speed or acceleration limit, and servos do not provide that feedback to the controller.

The best workaround is probably to send the servos to a known position before powering down so you can initialize them to that position when it powers back up, but that will not help if your system is interrupted mid-sequence.

- Patrick

I have a question regarding jerky motion when the speed is set low (below 10). If you view the first 1 minute of the video, where the figure is in “slow motion”, the servo motions are not smooth, very jerky. Smoothness is not a problem when the speed is set high. Is there a way to smooth them out? Thanks.

You might try adding an acceleration limit if you don’t have one already to see if that helps, but I suspect you might just be running into limitations from your servos or mechanical linkages.

- Patrick