How to protect 3pi from static shock?

We live in very dry climate, esp. during winter months, thus we get lots of static shocks when touching doorknobs etc.

The 3pi bare board makes me nervous. I can try to remember to discharge my hands when handling the 3pi but that won’t help when the bot is running back and forth across low carpet, etc.

Would anyone suggest materials to cover the underside and top of the robot board?

I’ve got some anti-ESD conductive foam that I could apply. I know it’s good for storage but not sure about using it on a powered up board.

Or would ordinary black tape be better? It’s non conductive, right?

Also have handy some of that transparent anti-ESD plastic bag material that components are shipped in. That would also make LEDs visible without cutting tiny windows for each.




I don’t know of a 3pi getting damaged by static electricity. We are in dry Las Vegas, and we have units that are several years old that are still fine. You should still take basic precautions when you handle your robot, of course. I don’t know how much some kind of wrapping would help, but something relatively non-conductive should not hurt, either. In addition to the anti-static bags you mentioned, you might consider something like poster board, which might be easier to work with and might look better.

- Jan