How to operate Maestro with RF remote?

Subject: wireless servo controller
I have an 18 channel pololu servo controller with 3 sequences programmed into it by a swiss engineer for my r2d2 dome. When I recieved the unit it has 3 cables plugged into it on 3 channels with the resistors soldered to channels 15,16,17 and to 5 volt. There are 11 servos that are programmed to do 3 sequences.

Do I require two seperate power sources or is the one with jumper ok? I tried this with about 11 volts and the servos felt like they were getting to warm.

I have a 440 mhz rf remote trigger and I am not sure how to connect the wires to be able to trigger these 3 sequences can it be done with a simple rf remote and how should I connect the pololu to the remote>?

can you help?

Hello, VA3AVP.

I have moved your post into its own topic.

You should be able to use one power source, but it needs to supply enough current and provide a voltage that your servos can handle. If your servos are not designed to handle 11 V that could be why they are getting warm, and it could damage them permanently.

I don’t know much about your remote, but the Maestro can measure voltages between 0 and 5 V so if you can get the remote to output a signal that is at one voltage level most of the time and then changes for a while when the trigger happens, you should be able to read it with an input channel on the Maestro.