How to mount magnetic encoder on POLOLU 1592 or similar motors

Hi there, Is there a way to mount a magnetic encoder (e.g. POLOLU 3081) on motors with a 90 degree gearbox like Pololu 1592? I don’t see a shaft protruding at the back while the output shaft is of a very different size and form


The encoder you mentioned (product 3081) was designed specifically for our dual-shaft micro metal gearmotors. Unfortunately, we do not have any suggestions for an encoder you could use with that motor (product 1592). However, in case it helps, we do have a magnetic encoder kit that was designed to work with our mini plastic gearmotors with extended motor shafts.

- Patrick

Thanks Patrick. Would you have a 90 degree gearbox for motors like the one in pololu 3493?

Unfortunately, we do not have any gearboxes for our metal gearmotors with a 90° output.

- Patrick