How to mount and configure NRF24L01 on Zumo

I have seen several pictures that suggest it is possible to mount an NRF24L01 on a Zumo somehow. Can you please point me to some more detailed instructions on how to make this work? How do I mount the NRF24L01 and are the pins available to connect it?


We spoke on the phone earlier today, but for anyone else reading this thread, I will briefly summarize what was discussed.

I do not know of any detailed instructions for using a NRF24L01 module with the Zumo Robot, but the Zumo Robot for Arduino allows access to many of the pins from the Arduino. The “Arduino pin assignment table” section of the user’s guide has a brief description of what each pin is used for as well as optional functions that can be disabled to free up some additional I/O pins and which ones are available at the front expansion area. Similarly, the “Front expansion” section of the user’s guide has information about the pins available there.

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