How to make good line tracking


i need ur experience plz , i want some help in making line follwing,Which sensors is the best
for my robot which will walk on ground have different colours and must differentiate between green and white and then pink and white ??

if anyone have good links or information related to that which teach me how to make line tracking and the best way i’ll be very thankfull :))

Hello. Have you seen the 3pi robot? This is a fully assembled robot that you can program to do line following. We have example code for it that does line following.

If you just want to get a sensor and build the rest of the robot yourself, check out our QTR sensors which are listed on this page:

I don’t know if the 3pi or the QTR sensors would work with green/white and pink/white, but you could try it.


thx alot David , wish it will work :slight_smile: