How to make changes to Pololu libraries and rebuild it?


I am using the libraries provided by Pololu for Baby Orangutan on Windows. I need to make some changes in the libraries and rebuild them. I have tried doing so in the “src” directory of “libpololu-avr” and use “make clean” and “make” in the command prompt. There is no error in building the libraries. But when the program which I have written for Baby Orangutan is built again, there is no change. As if it is not using the new libraries. I have tried making a new project and adding the new *.a library file to it, but still its the same.
Could please help me with that? Thanks in advance.


Hello, Navid.

You probably have two copies of the AVR library on your computer at this point. One version is the one that your Baby Orangutan development environment is configured to use when building a new program. The location of this version depends on what development software you are using, and the library was copied to that location when you ran the library’s installer. The second version is the one that you built yourself in the libpololu-avr directory. Your development environment most likely is not configured to use that version.

In order to use the version of the library you built yourself, you need to copy it to the right place to over-write the other version of the library. In the library’s README.txt file, please see the sections entitled “Installation using ‘make install’” and “Manual installation”.


Hello David,

Thank you very much for your reply. That is true. I found out that I should make the changes in the “libpololu-avr” folder and built the solution. And then copy them to this folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\Atmel Toolchain\AVR8 GCC\Native\\avr8-gnu-toolchain\avr\lib”.