How to make a 1 to 1 increase torque

so im in a big argument about making a 1 to 1 ratio gearing increase torque

huge fight lots of screaming and big companies

one way i was told works and briefly did but is to make the motor charge a super capacitor

and the capacitor powers the second motor at the speed and torque you want.

That is one way but the 1 motor charging the capacitor from my understanding

would need 2 capacitors so while one is giving power to the second motor

the other capacitor is charging and when it is depleted the capacitor switches

and keeps the motor at the speed and torque required

that is one way i heard

Im sure it doenst need to be a high powered capacitor

any increase would increase strength , and the smaller the capacitor the easier

it is to power

Heres a little drawing

if anyone would like to help me with this, you would be making a 1 to 1 ratio gearhead increase

strength and thats more than maxon motor the swiss company who owns billions of dollars could do

if anyone is interested