How to log IMU data on a zumo

is it possible to log the IMU data on the zumo for post analysis?


Hello, Trek.

There are several ways you might go about doing this, though the best way depends on the amount of data you want to log and the hardware you are already using. Are you asking about one of our Zumo Shield for Arduino robots or our Zumo 32U4 robots?


thanks for the quick reply.

I am interested in the zumo 32u4 robot. the plan is to run the zumo for an hour and log the imu data for the whole period for navigation analysis.

If the navigational log is to be self-contained on the Zumo, the Sparkfun OpenLog is extremely tiny and yet works very well. You simply write data to a serial port, which is stored directly to a text file on a microSD card.

Pop the card into a laptop or your phone and you are done. It is convenient to write the text in CSV format (comma separated values), which can be imported directly into any spreadsheet program for plotting and/or analysis.